About our Christmas Breakfast Party for 100 Children-Lima

We are so Thankful!


Dear Loyal Friends and Supporters,

I, as well as the rest of the Navidad Without Barriers organization, wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year!  We would like to recap how well 2018 has went for this organization as well as highlight some of our goals for 2019. Some of you have just learned about our organization this past year and others of you have been loyal supporters throughout the last ten years. Regardless, we appreciate each and every one of you and would not be able to have reached where we now are without you all. We’re happy to announce that our 10th Annual Christmas Event went smoothly! On December 23rd we celebrated our 10th Christmas Breakfast Charity Event where we supported about 100 children from Asentamiento Humano Comite Vecinal 15 A2 in Nueva Esperanza. We transported each child accompanied by a guardian from a corner in their community to a location in Villa Jardin. Here the children enjoyed an entertainment show courtesy of Jesus Cuadros who brought Santa, Mickey, Minnie and Santa’s helpers to entertain our little guests. As you can see in the pictures attached to this email, they had a blast! Each child and their guardian enjoyed a delicious panetone with chocolate milk while enjoying the show. Afterwards, we proceeded to distribute a pair of shoes, a set of clothes, a toy and a basket of groceries for each child to bring home and share with their families.

I couldn’t be more thankful for how well this event went! I wish each of you could have seen the smile you all were able to provide to each child. Although it has been a long process with a lot of hard work, I am looking forward to how we can continue and expand our organization in 2019! We are getting ready for a stronger than ever year where we plan to continue growing as an organization and expand our mission to aid impoverished children from around the world and their communities.

Be sure that this community is truly thankful for all of your generosity and wishes you and your family to enjoy a 2019 full of peace and love.


Ana Clausen