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Ana Clausen- Board Member/President

I grew up in a neighborhood in San Juan de Miraflores, Lima, Peru and lived there until I was 30 years old. After that I moved with my 2 children to the USA. Since living in the US I obtained a BS in Management and have worked for diverse companies as a Business Analyst for over 10 years. I can never forget the poverty I have witnessed growing up and am passionate about building an organization with strong values and commitment to help children living in poverty and their communities. This is why I am  a part of Navidad Without Barriers!


Gianina Enriquez - Board Member/Vice-President

I am an educator and activist who hails from Lima, Peru. I migrated to New York in 2011 and currently work as an Early Learning Specialist at Queens Library. I love to be around children and I believe they deserve our support because they are the future of the world. I grew up near poor neighborhoods in the South side of Lima and witnessed poverty while growing up. This is why I am inspired to help children in need and be a part of Navidad Without Barriers.


Mariel Flynn-Board Member/Finance Officer

I was born in Trujillo, Peru and studied Psychology at Peruvian Union University. Later on, I migrated to United States and had a family with two children who currently attend Illinois State University.  I expanded my education by attending Harper College and enrolling in an ESL program and while also taking business classes. Afterwards, I worked for seven years in the Sales department at PDQ  Locks company. I am passionate about helping people, especially children living in poverty. I want to be more connected to them and help them overcome challenges and this is why I am part of Navidad Without Barriers.


Melly Diaz-Board Member/Secretary

I was born in Mexico City, Mexico and immigrated to the USA when I was 14 years old.  I come from a very humble family and have experienced what poverty feels like; the need of a pair of shoes to go to school, not having enough food to feel full, and living in a house where you have to worry about leaks on the ceiling after it rains. My passion for serving and volunteering ignited when I was young and saw that there were many people living in worst circumstances than mine.

I have been working in the staffing industry for over 20 years and handled different positions. Throughout my life, I've been fortune enough to meet many people from different ethnicities, economic circumstances and beliefs. I have volunteered in different areas such as feeding the homeless, packing groceries at food pantries, tutoring/teaching adults English as a second language, and now being a part of  the Navidad Without Barriers organization which is committed to bringing joy, love and hope to children in need and their communities.


Kimberly Barrett-Board Member/Marketing & Relations Officer


Fabiola Enriquez

Gianfranco Torres

Gianfranco Torres


I grew up in San Juan de Miraflores in Lima,Peru, middle daughter of a family with three children. I obtained a business administration degree at San Martin de Porres University. Currently, I work as a Financial Adviser in Lima,Peru. In 2012, I had the opportunity to travel to USA to study the English language and to be submerged in the American culture for five years. One of the things I had learned is doing volunteer work and appreciating diverse cultures. I have a strong natural vocation to serve the Hispanic community. I think there are two bid pillars for society success, the high values and the efficient team work. I am part of Navidad Without Barriers because I believe in helping communities in need.

Gianfranco Torres

Gianfranco Torres

Gianfranco Torres


  My family immigrated from Lima, Peru to the United States when I was three years old. Since then I've gone back to Peru three times and have witnessed some of the poverty that occurs beyond the US . Witnessing that inspired my family and I to give back to our home community, which led us to birth Navidad without Barriers. Currently, I go to school at the University of Illinois-Champaign and am pursuing a degree in accountancy. These unique experiences have led me to strive to leave a positive, lasting impact in the world through whatever path I choose post graduation.